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Show the most interesting content to user

Chatbot for messengers

Distribute your content through popular messengers

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All myWidget’s features in your favourite engine

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Increase audience engagement


Generate revenue from your site

Hajde Video

Short movies constructor: create high-quality video in a few clicks

Hajde Video

Short movies constructor: create high-quality video in a few clicks

Install the widget to your site and use all Hajde Widget's features

Hajde Widget is based on NeuroClick technology developed by Hajde Widget Group. By implementing collaborative filtering and neural network algorithms NeuroClick analyzes behavioural data of more than 80 million users.

We successfully tested the technology in different in-house

Projects and decided to offer this service to the market. Hajde Widget is used worldwide by different content producers.

The most popular

Get the most of user’s attention

Hajde Widget picks out the most interesting content on your site for every user. Improving visit depth, audience engagement, native advertising effectiveness.

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the best solution

Disctibute materials through populars messangers

Install the chatbot and explore the new ways of content distribution through Telegram and Hajde Messenger. Detailed stats and flexible notification settings are available.

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Wordpress Sites

Install a plugin and connect recommendation blocks to your site. You will have access to all the features of Hajde Widget including stats, chatbot, flexible settings and monetization.

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The most popular

Hold attention of the users on Messenger

Install the widget and show content recommendations at the bottom of each Messenger.

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Let your content generate revenue

Get revenue from advertising and show your users only high-quality advertisements of trusted advertisers.

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Create high-quality video in a few clicks

A simple and convenient constructor allows you to create short videos with the advertisement of your product or service without using third-party services. When creating, you can select several formats depending on the site.

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Mobile Internet Packages

Choose the most convenient package for you and browse the fastest 4G internet.

Content Personalization

High quality and accuracy of personal recommendations for every user with NeuroClick technology.

Steady Income

Choose types and themes of advertisements and earn revenue from displaying ads.

Combnation Deals

Our tools are designed specifically to optimize the work of editorial team.

Ahead of your rivals

We constantly introduce new effective services for media.

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